Said Gutseriev introduced the new director of the refinery

Said Gutseriev introduced the new director of the refinery 05.03.2020

Said Gutseriev introduced the new director of the refinery

On March 3rd , Afipsky NPZ was headed by Alexander Gribok. The General Director of ForteInvest JSC thanked Sergey Kraschuk for his work and explained the reasons for the management reshuffling.

We conduct personnel rotation at “Forteinvest” oil refineries, - Said Gutseriev the General Director said at a meeting with the refinery personnel. – That is why we asked Sergey Kraschuk to head the Orsky NPZ. He showed himself from the best side in both Krasnodar and Afipsky during tough times of these refineries. Moreover, both times Sergey Gennadievich showed himself as a strong manager and process head. Now he will have to optimize all processes in Orsk and bring the plant to a new level.
Said Gutseriev thanked Sergey Kraschuk for the work done and introduced the new General Director.
– I believe that the most important quality of a Manager is to give results, – Alexander Gribok addressed the team. – I will configure my work in accordance with three key tasks. First, people are the main value, so I will focus on labor protection and production safety. The second is full and timely implementation of the business plan composed by the management company. The third is construction. We need to put into operation three units by 2023, and two more in the medium-term perspective. The General Director noted that the continuity in the work conducted by Sergey Kraschuk will be maintained.
Then the now former General Director of the company, who received a new appointment, took the floor.
– Today is an exciting day for me, " he admitted. - Parting with the team is always difficult. Although it's not the first time i have to do it but it's still hard. We worked together for almost a year, integrating the company into the value system of the management company "Forteinvest", in new standards and principles of work. We did it quickly and very well. I am grateful to you for believing in me and being by my side. Both the refinery and the team became my family. So thank you for the work you've done with me.
At the end of the speech, Sergey Kraschuk added:
– The Afipsky NPZ has the most important thing to achieve success, which is the team. This means that the refinery has a future.

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