The best will be chosen during competitions

The best will be chosen during competitions 22.02.2020

The best will be chosen during competitions

As part of the world labor protection day, Afipsky NPZ will host competitions aimed at attracting the attention of employees to solving issues of safe work, preventing accidents and occupational diseases at work.

Meetings should be held in the departments by March 6th , where all information about planned events will be communicated to the staff. Various departments of the refinery will take part in the competition called "the Best unit in terms of working conditions and production culture". The most worthy ones will be chosen in three categories: main production, auxiliary production and service units. The winners will be determined based on results gotten during the audit.
There will also be a «safe work» competition. Individual employees of the refinery will compete for the top positions. Challengers will have to complete a number of tasks as part of the testing.
The results of the two competitions shall be announced by April 20th , 2020. The winners will receive diplomas and challenge cups.

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