Installation of high-pressure pipelines in the Hydrocracker Unit starts at the Afipsky Refinery

Installation of high-pressure pipelines in the Hydrocracker Unit starts at the Afipsky Refinery 29.09.2021

Installation of high-pressure pipelines in the Hydrocracker Unit starts at the Afipsky Refinery

In the near future, the installation of high-pressure pipelines (HP) will begin at the main construction facility of the Afipsky Refinery - a Hydrocracker Unit.

This is one of the most critical stages of construction work, since the design pressure of gaseous and liquid media in such systems reaches 25 MPa at an ambient temperature of up to 450 ° C. Therefore, the high pressure pipelines are subject to increased requirements in terms of manufacturing, installation and quality control. In accordance with the design, hydrocarbons will be transported through HP pipelines within the reaction section, as well as in the piping of compressor, pumping and furnace equipment. The diameter of the pipe and parts is up to 660 millimeters, and the wall thickness is 62 millimeters. The completion date for the installation of high pressure pipelines is March 2022.

The dynamics of the work on the modernization of production became the main issue on the agenda of the meeting of the construction managers, which took place on the territory of the plant on September 24 under the chairmanship of Sait-Salam Gutseriev, a member of the Board of Directors and a shareholder of the plant. The meeting of the managers was preceded by participants’ inspection of the facilities under construction.

During the meeting, the interim results of the construction were summed up: 14,870 piles were driven at the hydrocracker site, the construction of monolithic structures in the amount of 60 thousand CBM of concrete was carried out, more than 26 thousand tons of metal structures were mounted. At the moment, 246 units of main technological equipment have been installed.

Currently, construction and installation work is being carried out at the main facilities - the Hydrocracker Unit and the Sulfur Recovery Unit. The constructors began to apply anti-corrosion protection and fire protection of metal structures. At the same time, pre-assembly and installation of air cooling devices is carried out, assembly of furnaces at the Hydrocracker Unit and the Hydrogen Generation Unit. The project is also being actively implemented at UI&O facilities.

In addition, a number of other design works are carried out on construction sites. In particular, process pipelines with a total length of 12.7 km are being installed, external water supply and sewage networks are being installed, work has started on the construction of foundations for the gasoline stabilizer tower. Installation of raw material tanks at the Promparki facility in the amount of 528 tons has already been completed.


The production facilities of the Afipsky Refinery allow to process 9 million tons of raw materials per year. Technological facilities make it possible to produce a large range of products, including straight-run gasoline fractions, summer diesel fuel, high-density rocket fuel (T-1).

Afipsky Refinery is one of the largest oil refineries in southern Russia. The number of employees is 2100 people.

Currently, the enterprise is implementing a program of industrial modernization. The construction of modern technological facilities will increase the processing depth from 80.7% to 99.2% and establish the production of Euro-5 class diesel fuel.

The Afipsky refinery was founded in 1963 in the village of Afipsky located in Seversky district of Krasnodar krai.


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