Hydrocracking pipelines - increased requirements

Hydrocracking pipelines - increased requirements 23.06.2021

Hydrocracking pipelines - increased requirements

Currently, the Afipsky Oil Refinery is implementing a program of industrial modernization. The construction of modern technological facilities will increase the processing depth from 80.7% to 99.2% and establish the production of Euro-5 class fuel.

As part of this work, the Hydrocracking Unit continues to install high-pressure pipelines - one of the most important and responsible stages of construction for the facility.
The pressure of the gaseous and liquid medium in such pipelines reaches 25 MPa at a medium temperature of up to plus 450 ° C. Therefore, they are subject to increased requirements in terms of manufacture, installation and quality control.
The total length of pipelines at the Hydrocracking Unit is 6700 meters. Depending on the purpose of the medium, various materials are used in the manufacture of pipes: carbon, stainless, chrome-moly steel, as well as materials from nickel and its alloys.
In accordance with the Design, hydrocarbons will be transported through high pressure pipelines within the Reactor Unit, as well as in the piping of compressor and furnace equipment. The diameter of the pipe and parts reaches 660 millimeters, and the wall thickness - 62 millimeters.
The completion date for the installation of high pressure pipelines is March 2022.

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